Tension headaches are painful and will negatively affect the course of your day. Caused by several different factors like stress, exhaustion, driving in traffic for long periods of time or staring at a computer screen for too long, this type of headache will stop you from performing well at work and enjoying your day. If you suffer from tension headaches, massage therapy is definitely something to consider.

This specific form of therapy is a favourite for many reasons, the main one being fast relief. Those who suffer from tension headaches are well aware of the pain it causes and would love nothing more than to eliminate this pain from their lives. Massage therapy is a great and effective way to not only decrease the number of headaches you experience but the intensity level as well.

This is accomplished through the combination of different tactics. The first step is to locate the trigger points and apply pressure to those areas specifically to decrease the intensity of the headache. Known as trigger point therapy, locating the muscles that are the cause of pain is a great place to start. These painful spots can be anywhere including the face, neck, forehead, temples, the back and side of the head. Once found, treating these pressure points with the right massage can do wonders!

Myofascial release, a technique consisting of gentle pressure application, and a massage of the head and neck in areas directed by a massage therapist will also help with the process. Additionally, there are specific stretching exercises that, if applied correctly with the proper techniques, will help immensely.

This type of treatment should be done through a reputable and registered massage therapist. Tension headaches are serious and if they are not treated by a professional you are taking a big risk. A registered massage therapist will know the correct way of treating the pain based on each individual person. Not everyone suffers from these headaches for the same reason and only a professional will know what techniques to apply based on your needs and condition.

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