Most people know that chiropractic care can help decrease back pain and other bodily aches. However there are actually some benefits of consistently visiting your chiropractor that are not as widely known. These are the advantages that can contribute to making your life a better and healthier one: It induces natural recovery. As opposed to other treatment solutions that involve medication, surgery, injections or more, chiropractic care supports the body in repairing itself naturally. It can boost your immune system. Doing chiropractic adjustments can trigger a down regulating of pro-inflammatory cytokines and an increase in antibodies linked to the immune response. It improves your sleep. When there is a lack of neck or back pain, your quality of sleep improves, making your feel more focused and full of energy the next morning. It decreases digestive troubles. If you have a hard time with digestion, doing consistent chiropractic visits can ease the symptoms. It decreases your blood pressure. When the spine is misaligned, body function, such as your blood pressure, are not properly maintained, putting you at risk for these types of health issues. It enhances your balance. The stronger and healthier your spine is, the easier it is to balance, which can prevent an accident due to poor balance, such as slipping and falling. It can reduce a kid’s otitis media. A large number of kids deal with frequent ear infections and as a result are often prescribed antibiotic medication. It’s been reported that after receiving consistent chiropractic care, some young kids have a reduction in otitis media. These are the examples of the various benefits boasted by doing regular chiropractic sessions. The next question is how often you should go? There are many reasons why people go and seek chiropractic treatment: whether it’s for back adjustments, or preventative care treatments or managing serious pain conditions such as scoliosis. The answer to the question is dependent on what your chiropractor’s opinion is and what type of bodily problem that you are addressing. Some chiropractors believe that once you have returned to your original state of health, there is no need to see them again. Other chiropractors believe that regular preventative maintenance (whether it’s once a week, once a month, once every couple of months etc.) is best for you. Here is a rough outline of how often you might need a session depending on the issue you have: Common back and neck pain: this usually takes a few sessions, sometimes with once-a-week visits. Problems due to sitting at a computer and having too little exercise: a regular adjustment every two to four weeks can help. Serious pain: you’ll likely need intensive treatment which can be as much as two to three back adjustments a week until your condition gradually improves. So, if you feel like you have some body pain that can be improved with the work of a chiropractor, you should give Halton Chiropractic a call! Fix any misalignments before they cause a problem.