Waking up with back pain can be extremely distressing and delay those daily tasks significantly. The severity and manageability of back pain differ with each person and not all treatments can fix the various types of back issues. Each have different causes, set of symptoms and treatments which can make understanding how to prevent pain quite complex.

To help you navigate this health condition, Halton Chiropractic identified the three most common types of back pain and their symptoms.

1. Flexion Dominant

This specific back condition often occurs as a result of injury or weakness to the disc in the back. This can occur in any region from the neck to the lower back, causing numbness and sharp pains. A slipped disc places additional pressure on nerves surrounding it. Our physiotherapy clinic in Oakville can help treat this condition and discover how it originated. Our certified physiotherapist will help you strengthen your core muscles, spinal mobility and ensure good posture. The symptoms that may occur from a slipped disc back pain include:

  • Severe numbness and sharp pain, often occurring on one specific side of the body.
  • Symptoms can worsen by extended sitting, lifting or bending or walking for a short period of time.
  • Can progress to weakness in the legs.
  • Pain may become worse at night. 
  • Pain when coughing or sneezing.

2. Extension Dominant

This back pain relates to the pain in the joints located at the back of the spine known as Z-joints. The Z-joints can stiffen and require treatment to reduce the pressure to the spine and stretches to promote hip mobility. The registered massage therapist at our Oakville clinic will help manage your pain more effectively and working to build muscle in areas surrounding the spine. The symptoms that may occur from this back pain include:

  • Severe pain after standing for a long duration of time.
  • Temporary relief after sitting or bending down.
  • The back is stiff and the range of motion does not change.
  • Sharp pain after completing activities with high impact.
  • Can progress to leg tingling, numbness, and pain.

3. Inflammatory Back Pain

This condition occurs when there is an increase of inflammation in the back’s spinal joints. Many conditions can cause inflammatory back pain and our physiotherapist will analyze the inflammation and once a diagnosis is made by a rheumatologist, we can begin symptom treatment. The symptoms that may occur from this back pain condition include:

  • Pain can continue for more than three months. 
  • It can worsen with immobility but ease with physical activities and exercise.
  • Pain may become more severe during the night or in the early morning.

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